Anna_NIkolaevaWelcome to Cities & Mobilities. My name is Anna Nikolaeva, and I am Assistant Professor in Urban Mobility Futures at the University of Amsterdam.

In my research, writing, teaching and public speaking I engage with a variety of themes in urban planning and human geography, and my current priorities are:

1. Digital technology and urban governance.

2. Politics of sustainability transitions.

3. The role of mobility as social infrastructure of the city.

This website has the name “Cities and Mobilities” for two reasons. Firstly, mobilities, from a daily walk to international migration, continue to shape cities in numerous ways, – and mobilities are, in their turn, shaped by various trends in urban development and urban governance. Thus, throughout my research career I have focused on mobility as a case study to discuss transitions to sustainability, transformations of urban public space, and impact of smart technology on urban living and urban governance. Secondly, I created this website when I began organising seminar series “Cities & Mobilities” at the Centre for Urban Studies, University of Amsterdam, and it looked like a perfect title for both seminar series and the website.

Previously I did research and taught at Royal Holloway, University of London and VU University Amsterdam, and was a visiting scholar at City University of New York. I hold  PhD degree from Aarhus University, Denmark.

Contact: a.nikolaeva[at]

Follow: @_Anna_Nikolaeva


Urban Mobility Futures chair

Urban Cycling Institute

Centre for Urban Studies