2015Welcome to Cities & Mobilities. My name is Anna Nikolaeva, and this website is dedicated to my research and activities at the University of Amsterdam. I am interested in how mobilities are experienced, given meaning to and governed in contemporary cities and societies. I have written on airports, mobility and urban public space, mobility as a social experience and transitions to sustainable mobility.

Previously I did research and taught at Royal Holloway, University of London and VU University Amsterdam, and was a visiting scholar at City University of New York. I hold  PhD degree from Aarhus University, Denmark.

At the moment I am assistant professor in urban mobility futures at the University of Amsterdam.

Next to research, teaching and supervision, also I work in a project on smart cycling and organise seminar series “Cities & Mobilities” at the Centre for Urban Studies, University of Amsterdam.

My current research and writing focuses on:

  • Transitions to low carbon mobility and the meaning of mobility in society . I’ve coined the concept ‘mobility as a commons’ and still engage in conversations around alternatives to contemporary mobility regimes.


  • ‘Smartification’ of cycling. I investigate how smart technology changes cycling experience, governance and meaning of cycling. An agenda-setting paper was recently published.


  • ‘Data-driven governance’ and cycling. I’ve conducted fieldwork in four European cities in order to understand the impact of using smart technology in collecting data on cycling for policy, planning and advocacy. I’m writing up two papers on the subject.



Contact: a.nikolaeva[at]uva.nl

Follow: @_Anna_Nikolaeva


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