Since 2016 I have been working on applying commons thinking to mobility. In the context of mobility, commons have often been understood no more as urban land where these mobilities are taking place and compete for space. See, for example, this recent article in Guardian on dockless bikeshares and “the tragedy of the commons”. This a very narrow way of looking at commons and mobility, whereas it seems a broader way of conceiving mobility as commons may challenge a number of “wicked problems” associated with mobility today.

Here’s the shortened version of the paper presented at the 14th Annual Conference of The International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T²M), Mexico City, 27-30th October 2016.  I have also presented an extended version of theorising mobility as commons at RC21 Rethinking Urban Global Justice: An international academic conference for critical urban studies in Leeds, 11-13 September, 2017.

Together with a team of co-authors we are working on a few publications on mobility transitions and commoning, and the first working paper on commoning mobilities in cities is available for download:

Nikolaeva A., Adey, P., Cresswell, T., Lee J., Novoa, A. and C. Temenos (2018). A new politics of mobility: Commoning movement, meaning and practice in Amsterdam and Santiago. Centre for Urban Studies Working Paper Series

On 14 November 2018, together with Luca Bertolini I organised the debate “Commoning Mobility”. A recording is available here


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