Commoning Mobility. Public Debate at Pakhuis de Zwijger


During the Cities & Mobilities Seminar Series more than 100 scholars, students, experts from public and private sector, artists and activists met each other and exchanged thoughts on how mobilities shape cities. We spoke about bikes and buses, tourism and AirBnB, homelessness and accessibility, transitions to sustainable mobility, borders, suburbia, public space, liveability, street markets…

It is time to bring some of the insights and questions from our discussion to the public and talk about Amsterdam – a crossroads of transnational and daily mobilities, a destination and a departure point, a city made and remade through mobility day by day.

So on November 14 at 20:00 we meet at Pakhuis de Zwijger to have an open discussion about the ways we talk about mobility, the ways we practice it and plan for it. Can we start commoning mobility?

Speakers: Marco te Brömmelstroet, UvA (aka @fietsprofessor), Thalia Verkade (De Correspondent), Jan Duffhues (City of Amsterdam), Zeeger Ernsting (City Council of Amsterdam), Bart Stuart (Buro Spelen), Ananda Groag (ShareNL), Anna Nikolaeva, UvA/UU. Moderated by Luca Bertolini (UvA), made possible by the Centre of Urban Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

The programme, some resources and signing up:  Pakhuis de Zwijger page.





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